Why Choose Advantage Commercial?

Serving Central Alberta for over 100 years

Century 21 Advantage has deep roots in Red Deer and Central Alberta, having been a locally owned and operated company for over 100 years. Through all the change, growth, mergers, and adversity we’ve seen throughout the years, our focus has always remained on achieving success for our clients through delivering excellent service, expertise and professionalism.

Proficiency Through Diversity

Each of our teams work collaboratively, creating a broad knowledge base of the local market and opportunities available. This allows us to actively market your listing amongst each of our agents, tapping into each other’s knowledge on properties or transactions. Often, teams will end up in joint ventures, providing their clients with the perfect location and space.

Focused on You

By making our client relationships the catalyst of our agency, we paint the full picture, guiding our clients through each step when buying, leasing, or selling commercial real estate, and continue to offer our expertise and assist throughout the entire process.

Your Commercial Real Estate Process

From the very beginning we affirm that you are looking in the appropriate zoning area for your business, helping to alleviate some of the initial issues that can hold up acquiring your commercial space. We are committed to providing you with the best real estate options prior to entering the negotiation process, ensuring that you get first-rate valuation for your location. We’ll walk you through zone regulations and assist with getting those regulations processed properly in City Hall.

Commercial real estate deals are easier than you think, however, can just as easily go awry. At Century 21 Advantage, we ensure we are there when you need us, even after the transaction is taken care of. Having our extensive network of professionals in related fields at your fingertips is just another way we help you get into your new space faster, with fewer hiccups. From negotiations to inspection services, from building permits to leasehold improvements, we are a phone call away, eager to connect you with a trusted professional.

The History of Century 21

Company Foundation

W.J. Botterill, a local businessman, opened his first office in 1910, wanting to take advantage of Central Alberta’s impending real estate boom. Seeing immediate growth, Botterill welcomed two associates to become Latimer, Botterill, and Hill. Under the guidance of W.J., the company continued to grow.

In 1946, Frank McKee, joined the ranks of Latimer, Botterill, and Hill. Following the passing of W.J. Botterill in the mid-fifties, the company underwent another name change with the newly-formed partnership of Mel Cunningham and McKee to make Botterill, McKee, Cunningham Ltd. With their continued growth, Cunningham’s shares were purchased by Charly Anderson, creating Botterill McKee Anderson Ltd. In 1962.

Our Century 21 Origins

In 1976, Botterill McKee Anderson Ltd. joined a young, growing franchise by the name of Century 21. Since 1972, Century 21 has grown from having just a few offices, to being one of the industry’s most recognized brands today. Each Century 21 office is individually owned and operated, allowing us to truly excel in our local market.

Century 21 is an international household name, providing the finest real estate training available, and an international referral network amongst 7,000 brokerages represented by over 100,000 agents covering 73 countries around the world.

Providing Excellence in Commercial Real Estate

Century 21 Advantage is proud to be locally owned, locally operated, and Red Deer-focused.

We’ve achieved recognition as a top-producing office by focusing on delivering excellent service, based on our knowledge of Red Deer and Central Alberta and our continued professionalism. Our not-so-big office has achieved #1 in market share for both new listings and sold properties in Red Deer

7,000 Brokerages
100,000 Agents
73 Countries